#1 Skunkies

by Zombie Cheeses

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Realized as a mail collaboration across 3 continents (if New Zealand can be considered a continent). The majority of material on the album comprises of music generated from cheap, paint-by-numbers online music production software and text-to-speech demos.
anarchic structures, malfunctioning drum machines, a capalla fake voices


released January 1, 2007

on Eden Gully as EG16

Rene Dacha, p.h. Locasta, Mo Shuffles, Paul Taylor, John Bell, Darren Broughton, -
online software, crackedware, drum machine, drums, cymbals, midi keyboard, programming, sequencing, voices, guitars, electric bass, synthesizer, vibraphone, found tape, field recordings, pan pipes.
p.h. Locasta - structural assembly



all rights reserved


edengully San Francisco, California

weirdo-outsider music from
Aotearoa/NZ -
San Francisco

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Track Name: to know more Time
s ppp ddd. pulistic goes up connection. ferd. to know more time. to zen. sides. thus derived. one another. there are interstices. qualities purchase from merchant of choice es 2. bag dag dag dad. struggling heard. copy practices RV.
Track Name: Tribulox R R R'd Merchantile Walzo
r r r r r r r r r RR. e e e e e e e. i. b bb\bb tb t b. f f f f e e e e . cc c c cc gg gg gg c c c cc cc. r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r R. i, i, gtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtg i,i, B B B B B B B B. fi wet con the down. plas plaque
Track Name: Ef fef F Compassoi Case 1
oi oi oi oi yoi yoi e e e e. e oi oi e. oi oi. yoi a. e oi oi yoi e. e yoia yoia. or. e e e e oi ya. i ti ti. oi oi oi t oi t. yor eyor oi t. eor or or or. yoi ya yoia. case 1. case 1. et fef di es test eplc fif ta can plan disdee king et plesdee. plag da plag da blan. ef di gf dg fggf. ff gf hgff.
Track Name: Ancestry of the greasy Griot
terror. kal malhalio. cannan. we're taking him out. and noah begat shep and lived peacefully. for cocaine possession. ......and hans begat klaus. and klaus begat adolf. and adolf begat joachim. and joachim begat otto. and otto begat werner. and werner begat gunther. and gunther begat wilhelm. and wilhelm begat einer. and einer begat oscar. and oscar begat uli. and uli begat deiter. and deiter begat .... and ....begat karlheinz.
Track Name: Nables was the land
we ney say ta nee nee r. tee no pi. ne kar o shar.
as sach ben pinu eh de calah pan beneech.
aiv vert peemt may deridea du a wes grand may colitunda
Track Name: and so iso
oh ahn. wa fieoldt. and so iso. an none may a frayaway gainst times a meantime i am liable to starve.
Track Name: mad Happy happy
hey water.
real pivan, real pivan inna. real pivan inna, real pavan. real pivan inna.
mad happy, happy hoppy. oo oo oo. happy hoppy. molt eyre here poppy oo oo oo. how poppy o-oo oo oo.
Track Name: archidiscam whispered your Friend
archidiscam. archidiscam. archidiscam.
1 now and by and by, he know they will will if only you will bry to. whispered yr friend.
contraries of every kind and have recourse to the name of the species. for if we. not exist there can be no knowledge.
Track Name: to is is
to is is. a may. endure a moment a all of the divine. who never passes now have more time.
Track Name: Qutalick cala k-fu
answers best tho we did to my qutalick cala k-fu. jabet
f f f ef eee e e. buga. answers best tho we did to my qutalick cala k-fu. ei oi ee oi e oi e. f f f e e. E E. e cee cee cee she.
c c c c g g. c c g g . bu bu bu de boich.
Track Name: i 12 production
speak softly on de promoo. we when gree on de mongo. fe shwa. magon et trolouse. cert temps de da i 12 barents sergistinct ... apparently it disappointing en elyse.
Track Name: Taking Refuge in their Temples
oomba pa da. play on play on
every day a
inform yr cadburr ten. and their eyes.
they're know as mrs bodin. words can be good company. taking refuge in their temples are numerous. ... when you speak. take care their temples are nigh .. one another rare, there are are interstices between sight and blindness. to the eye and searches. what more . will endear you
Track Name: sight and blindness
one another rare, there are are interstices between sight and blindness. to the eye and searches.
Track Name: corale and cannon
la lay, sa say.
lines and floods by crook or in dole.
copy by bide cappe pe-eatrson. treaty kin for granted.
rockrent venetians blendsen.

we take it well to add a corale and cannon
good for us all for us all us all all
songs better in the act by the andsie amps of anapolis
shown more comic, mains or dash
la lay. la-a lay
Track Name: Diaspora
ah oh des porgulu. it was the fize. ah de eh. foo unice will weel worn conito. somitine. wenta corniante. e spocio frun. checkas. hot ho. i'm hort.